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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blessed Christmas..

... to all of you dearie friends
and wonderful New Year 2009 ahead..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Make wishes come true

Christmas is just around the corner. In exact counting, it is 6 days left for Christmas. Time really flies. I have done half of the Christmas shopping. Well it is only of the present shopping though. I still remember when I was just a little kid, waiting eagerly under the beautiful decorated Christmas tree to receive presents and hoping that all my wishes will come through inside the presents. Sometimes it does come through but most of the times you just have to accept what ever it is inside the boxes. I really wish I have picture taken of us. There must be hundreds of faces expressions you can see. Be it a happy face, or a disappointed face.

Now it is even easy to store your pictures. You don’t have to print it out. You can buy those digital frames and it can even store a lot of your pictures. More over, you don’t have to flip it over as the pictures will change as per the time set. As easy as that? Yes.. I stumble into this website "got a wish" that tells you about this digital frame. I think this is a perfect gift. Oh and this frame can receive pictures through the net. That wondeful.

I will surely buy this frame but wait, I don’t think my paypal account is enough (not being doing any paid post and my account have dried up from the heavy usage). What shall I do? I wish that I am a resident of the United States or Washington D.C. You see, CEIVA Digital Photo Frame is organizing a contest amd as a winner, you will receive $500.

got a wish ? Visit the above web sites and enter the contest. You got to sits on santa's lap you know


Thursday, December 18, 2008

All I want..

... for Christmas is ;-

"I don't want a lot for Christmas,
There is just one thing I need,
I don't care about the presents,
Underneath the Christmas tree,
I Just want you for my own,
More than you can ever know,
Make my wish come true,
all I want for Christmas is.......

* A wonderful day with Hubby (which we never have the chance to spent our us time with all the responsibilities)
* To see lots of happy faces receiving their presents
* Feels the Christmas spirit again (Since I think I lost it long time ago)
* And the most important thing is I want this for Christmas....

* drum roll*
but if it is impossible to get this (which I think "it is" Impossible), this also can lah :D
p/s This message is especially dedicated to.... you know who. lol :D *wink*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

> _ <

What a hectic weekend last weekend.. I didn't get to spend the "me" time and I was way too tired to even switch on the PC (though hubby switch it on for him to update his premier league and FB)..

I went for the PTD PAC assessment at Intan Sabah Campus and gosh it was really tiring.. well tiring for me since I haven't been exercising for the past 6 month (duh..) We have to do sit ups, pumping and all under the hot sun.. just imagine what my face will look like now..(burning!!) and as early as 4.00 am, a group of us went to fishing (mesti la di laut kan...--> this one I love. :)). The sad thing is to see the coral which is not as beautiful as it is before. Blame it to the human being for destroying it.

Well that will be all. Boring update right.. well yeah..

p/s Chirstmas is just next week and I haven't done any Christmans shooping yet.. Guess no new dress this year either but need to shop for the christmas present....budget..budget..

Monday, December 8, 2008

The nature in me

Capturing and looking at beautiful pictures of flowers and nature is what I love so filling up the holiday with something useful (if can be considered one) is what I did...

Presenting the nature:-

(Just Ignore the fat hand lol:D)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another breakaway

Remember I ever blog about my short breakaway to JB and Singapore somewhere in August? Well last week was my yet another “SHORT” breakaway and this time its local as in within the Land Below The Wind.

Well its actually an engagement trip. You see, Hubby’s cousin is the main figure for this trip actually. He’s getting engaged with a Labuan lass. Congratulations to Mr. Ivan Lai and FiancĂ©e Ms. Bernadette (forgot the surname). However, we took this opportunity to la tour de Labuan.. hehehehe A simple breakaway that is.

My last visit to Labuan is where back in 2003 or 2004 can’t remember but its on working visit and for only about ½ day. I still remember my 1st visit to Labuan Island. It was somewhere in the late 90’s and we went there by Ferry Labuan. A journey which I don’t want to remember cause I vomited all the way to Labuan and from Labuan. What a journey. Last weekend however, we use the Menumbuk-Labuan Ferry which took us 1 ½ hour to reach each destinations. Tiring journey indeed, but this time I really enjoy it.

Enough said. This is the picture taken using my canon Powershot A470 (kesian kan not even slr *sob..sob*) …. A memorable “short” breakaway..

Lama lagi ka mau sampai ni? (Ms. Juliet of What's Hot)

(on our way la kerja gila bergambar siring jalan tengah panas)

p/s who want to join me to Jakarta next year? This one will surely be a long 8 days breakaway.