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Friday, February 5, 2010

4 years and growing

A chronology of event this Week,

3rd February 2010 , hubby celebrate his 32nd birthday and this time as a daddy. The celebration, well we didn't celebrate as grand as I was planning last year for having this little kid limits the time and of course we cannot go out leaving her at home while she's still breastfeeding right. So yeah this year it's pizza again. Never mind darling, next year we'll celebrate your birthday somewhere else. Who knows we'll celebrate it outside of Malaysia (wishful thinking). Once again Happy Birthday Daddy.

4th February 2010, it's our 4th year wedding anniversary and at the 4th year, we are growing. Thank you God for your blessing, your guidance , the happiness and also the health you grant us. And also thank you for the new addition in our life. Happy Anniversary Dear.

5th February 2010, is my 5th brother Maxmillian Bryan James's 16th Birthday. He requested for a birthday bash this year but I told him I'll make his wish come true once he completed his form five. Of course people say 16 is sweet but it is never as sweet as 17 where at that age you are at the end of your secondary school and you are battling for your future to get good result for SPM. So a birthday bash at his 17th birthday it is. I treat him BK for his birthday this year. Was planning to buy cake for all this 3 events. hmmm let see, I think this is a good excuse for me to buy the cheese cake I have been dreaming of. BTW happy 16th birthday Max.

see ya *hugs*