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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've seen a lot of people who really work hard i accomplishing certain projects. They really put their heart and soul to make sure the project runs smooth and successfully. I've known some people who didn't care how much money they spent and how tired they are just for the sake of the success of the project. I enjoy working with people like that.

However, after seeing the sacrifices of these beautiful people, one of their assistance head of the project blame them for not doing enough just because he or she is unable to attend one ceremony which makes them have to take over the duty and its turn out to be in a mess.

What do you feel when every time there is something need to be done you are left alone to think what to do and yet when it is well done your head get the thumbs up but if it is not up to the standard you are the one who will have to take the blame because you are the one who do it. Fair enough if your superior said that you didn't do great so they get the blame but have they ever think that they never help in the process?

I've seen this one person work and know how hard he/she tried. I've seen the amount of money pour out to make things possible and the amount of time spend to the project and yet his/her assistance head said that he/she didn't do enough to help them. The head didn't do anything or said anything to clear the air. He just sit there and listen. Fair enough if he don't want to side anybody but he have to comment. Don't just let someone's heart hurt.

What will you do if you really feel that you have work hard enough and sacrifice enough to help your group and yet they blame you of not doing enough? Not even a Thank you. When you help does not mean you want to be given an award. Enough if you say thanks and acknowledge what they have done. Why want to say "You have not done enough and we know you didn't tried you best". I don't blame the group member to back away and feel hurt for I can feel the hurt.

What say you?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a simple update

It had been a while since I last updated this dear diary of mine. Life have been crazy around me these few weeks. A lots of ups and downs which thanks to the support from people around me, I am still here standing strong.

That's what life is all about and life must goes one right? no?...

I know a lot of you fellow bloggers are starting to plan and prepare for christmas..The Jolly Season for us. I myself are looking forward for it for it means end of the year and more work need to be settled for the year end closing. Life will be more hectic for me and I want to look for something which can help me to be myself again.

Enough said now. I need to start my daily routine of month end closing and gosh I have to do my 2008 budget.. chow and will update soon.

small talk :- some comment needed in my next post. So guys get your emotion and brilliant brain warm-up.

Friday, October 10, 2008

~ ^ ~

Goodbye darling. I know GOD is taking good care of you up there. I'll try not to cry because I have faith that you are better of with HIM.

I will always love you.