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Friday, January 22, 2010


I was suppose to be so free especially in updating my blog but until to date I have only done one post for this year. Now I know, taking care of your own baby is not as easy as abc. But of course I am grateful for the miracle that God gave to me. And its always a joy to me as I see my baby grows day by day.

Talking about growing up, Faith reach her 1 month old being born in this world on the 11th January 2010 but we only celebrate her full moon on the 16th Jan since the 11th falls on Monday. Thanks to all who have made themselves available on that day to attend baby Faith's full moon. Here are some pictures of Faith aka Mika taken during that day. Didn't hire professional photographer but I think this also can la kan.

Thanks to Shermalyn for this beautiful n cute cake. Mika loves it

(mama who's all this people?)

Soon She'll be 2 month old and I will be back to work. I can't imagine how it will be since now I am devoting my time 24 7 for my princess. We'll see how things goes.

Till next post (which I don't know when), hugs.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here come 2010

It's 2010 and I have not been a very good blogger for the whole 2009. You can actually count the number of post I've made. Reason being..? I am just plain lazy and blank the whole time through 2009. Hope It won't happen in 2010.I want to be a better person (lame..)
So What actually happen to me the whole year of 2009? after reading both Chegu Carol's and Mimi's blog, I decided I too need to jot down the happening in my life through out 2009. A Year to remember that is.

January - No interesting thing happen. I was counting the days to our breakaway.

February-We decided to start the "getting pregnant" procedure. After my MC last October, I was so depressed that I won't be able to conceive again so I agreed for the painful procedure again. But at the end of February, I received a very disappointing news. There is no visible eggs produced.Need to wait for another cycle for the procedure to be done again.

March-Busy with our church lucky draw. have to sell RM30,000 worth of tickets. Nothing so interesting
April- My 1st Journey out of Malaysia. Well I've been to Singapore in 2008 but it's only a day trip and I can't say that its a real trip right. But this time, We are off to Bandung & Jakarta. A journey to remember and hubby said next trip is Manila. hehehe

May-Found out that I am actually pregnant and it's already 6 weeks. OMG!! Praise the Lord. No wonder My "Auntie" haven't visited me since February. A miracle indeed. A blessing from the above.

June - November - Nothing really interesting happen. Well come to think of it, there is one occasion that really interesting. We organized our class of 90-92 (form 1A to 3A) SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin reunion. Not everybody manage to make themselves available tho but its a night to remember indeed.

December- I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, chubby and big baby girl through c-sec. Was advised to do so since she's big. born at 3.975kg. O ya She was born on the 11th Dec 2009 (111209). The Papa and yours truly decide to name her FAITH SINUNDU DULAKIM. A name bearing lots of meaning.

So that's about it. my journey through 2009. not much memories but truly a memorable one. Happy new year 2010.