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Thursday, June 30, 2011

When everything at your finger tips

The modern technology makes everything's easy for us or should I say everything at our finger tips. What am I talking about? well I always read about people's experience making a purchase online and how easy it is for them. I for one never believe or should I say trust in this type of business. Being someone who does not easily trust people, I makes it difficult for me to trust and to make any purchase online.

Hubby did became one of the online scam where he was looking for PSP2 and found someone who want to sell a brand new PSP2 with a very low price. I was against it but he really have made up his mind that he made the transfer. The result..until now he did not receive anything.

Well not everybody is that bad right? No? of my friend made a lot of money from online business. He sell car online and now he earn a lot. There's a lot of online site which we can do these type of business. One of it is this market place. You just advertise your job offer and someone will answer you immediately and what make it special is that the market place is within your community. Meaning, you know who you are dealing with. That makes things even easier.

Right, I think, I should start thinking what should I offer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the new semester begin

Yesterday was the first day or should I say semester reopens for University students (or is it only for UiTM student?)..On Sunday I went to one of the Hyper mall near my home and bump into someone I know, buying stationaries for the new semester and suddenly the memories strike back..

10 years back in year 2000, I was in my final year taking my degree. I still remember what a struggle we went through to complete our thesis and to sit for our finals until to the extend of wishing that we can Google for the questions that will come out in the exams.At that time pimple is our main concern as lack of sleep is a norm in our daily life. Not forgetting the house rent to pay of course. And at that particular time I for once can't wait to leave those exams word i.e study world.. never did I know that one day I still have to sit for another test. The driving test.
Frankly, when I took my driving written test, I did not study and was too confident that i will fail the test. That's how severely I hate exams or test. Luckily I pass the exam by scoring 16/20. A borderline mark as what people says. How I wish at that time we already have DMV site to help us, I will surely not hate exams.... sigh.... the moerdern world makes everything almost possible..