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Monday, January 24, 2011

You Will always be remembered

I was browsing through all the status and notification posted in fb when I came across this sing which I share in my earlier post.

Something in this song touch me and I googled for the Divine Mercy prayer..
The following prayer really touch me that I cried inside:-

Divine Mercy for the Unborn

For all the helpless little children who die in the womb of their mother, I pray that all of these little souls will be given eternal life by Our Lord Jesus Christ, through His Divine Mercy and I beg Jesus that I be allowed to spiritually baptise a little souls born dead and I do so by saying: I baptise you (give a name, preferably a saint's name) in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit ....
"I have called you by your name, you are mine" (Is. 43:1)

You see, before I conceive My little Faith, I was blessed and got pregnant in October 2008, but was immediately told (after I went for my first check) that there might be something wrong with my baby. True enough, 2 weeks after that I lost the embryo. No sign of development or even a heartbeat... I cried and cried. The hubby was the one who gave me strength and encouragement that maybe God Love him / her more and will bless us with another beautiful child.

But even though now I was blessed with my beautiful little Faith, I will always remember my little miracle that open my eyes and give me faith that someday he/ she will send an angel to me. Mama will always remember you even you are with us only for a short while.


The Divine Mercy Prayer in a Song

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I really need you

Yes! that's the exact word that suit what I am feeling right now. Well don't get me wrong...I am not referring to human being per say..

With the workload and environment around me, and also "No Vacation" year for us last year,
I can't wait for my next out of county vacation this coming end of February.

Yeas your heard me right there. I am going for a vacation. Out of Malaysia vacation. Of course I am dragging along my little Faith and the papa as well. mana best pigi vacation sendiri-sendiri kan.

As my tiker above calculate, I have another 1 month 6 days to go and I'll be off enjoying myself out. Lame but hey at least I am making myself happy.


ps :- actually my little brother ask me to update my blog. Was suppose to update about Little Faith new development but since the vacation thingy is the main thing in my mind and I am at my "beautiful" office at the moment, so here I am bro. hehehe

ps1:- oh wanna know where about I will be off too? That too you have to wait. yay