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Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Countdown?

Almost every blog that I've visited have started their Christmas countdown and it's really exciting. Where can you lift up your Christmas mood if one of it not from your friend's spirit.

This year I am joining the countdown for THREE special occasion which will happen in December and God willing during Christmas time. So what's the occasion? Some of you may have known it and some may not (if there is ever anybody reading my blog that is. LOL). Well as December approaching, yours truly and DH will be getting a Very Special Christmas gift this year (or maybe an early Christmas gift). My EDD for our first child will be on the 25th Of December 2009. A gift from above that we have been waiting for. And what actually happen on the 25th of December every year? yes its Christmas Day. I don't mind giving birth on Christmas day as it is a blessing to my baby. So yeah that's the two occasion which will happen. Erm but wait, did I say Three occasion earlier? Well the third thing happening in December or to be precise on the 26th of December is my beloved sister's Special day. It's her wedding day. Sorry Sis, can't really help you on that particular day but I've make sure I've done my part before the very day.

So yeah that's about it. The three occasion that's making me wanna join the countdown to December this year. Think should put up the countdown meter in this blog as a reminder.

Until next post.