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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Networking

28th February 2012

My Cousin is getting married tomorrow as in 29th February 2012. Told my Husband yesterday that they are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary once in four year and of course it will be celebrated with a big "boom".. Wish to congratulate this two love birds. *you know who you are* :D

Going back to the title, Social Networking, well nowadays people are buzy with Facebook, twitter just name it. And it starts to annoy me when some of the user violate the use of these facilities like posting annoying pictures, hacking others profile and sharing things which is not necessary.

Someone post him/her stats this moring saying that not everything to be posted in thier Status. For me, you have your won right as to what to post and what not to in your very own status and it is also up to others wheather to read it or not. After all these social networking facilities is open for all. So here is my stand, your status, your problem, but do not put up things which is not acceptable by others like those x-rated thingy..

I am only saying tho'

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