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Friday, September 23, 2011

Travelling....My passion

Yes...Who don't love going for vacation? I for one really love going for vacation. Be it locally or outside of the country.

I am sure most of you guys know about the low fare offered by AA. Login in to the site is one story, looking for the low fare is another story. That really taste my patience. But maybe luck is on my side and I manage to buy us air ticket for our next vacation. Well we only be going for the vacation in August 2012 but at least we already have the ticket.weee... so can I start the count down now? :D...

The place I will be going and look forward too...

311 days to go.....*gila o sa kan*


chegu carol said...

tida gila tu. my manila vacay last time was 9 months in perth was 11 months in advance. mau pandai adjust masa ja so that tidak crash sama lain2 hal :)

i love shopping in bangkok. macam apa2 pun mau beli dlm bundle. hahaha

queen quirin said...

you've been to bangkok bah kan chegu..? guess need to scroll down ur travel blog to read about the places you've dpt sikit2 idea... :D